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I feel incredibly and forever grateful I met Nina. She is a beautiful being all around, supportive, gentle, understanding, loving, patient, and kind. To me, Nina is an angel on earth. Her presence has such warmth it becomes contagious. I have had the pleasure of receiving the Nine Womb Chakra Purification Healings and continue to see Nina for other healings and music night. For so many years I have struggled with unhealthy relationships, anxiety, depression, and illness with many unsuccessful attempts at finding true healing and understanding. Each session with Nina brings about tremendous clarity, hope, and motivation. I have watched patterns present since childhood begin to shift in the matter of months. I have watched my most close relationships move towards growth and change. I have watched love for myself begin to blossom. I have become more at ease in every area of my life. I have become more trusting with myself. For the first time in a very long time I am hopeful. The mantras I have received in this healing have been extremely powerful in this process as well. I have developed a daily meditation practice allowing me a time and place to pray, de-charge, and heal. Since working with Nina I feel like a higher version of myself. I am more spiritually connected, hopeful, calm, content, and joyful. I feel protected, loved, and am eager to learn. Working with Nina is one of my most favorite moments in this life.

Rachel Hames, Yogini, El Dorado Hills, CA

I am so grateful for the mantras and recordings you did for my pregnancy and birth! I had so much anxiety about giving birth and being an older mom. The medical professionals really liked to emphasize the risks,  though deep inside I knew I wanted to try for as natural of a process  as I could. Playing the recordings throughout pregnancy helped build my confidence that everything would be ok (no matter what happened). I started to really trust myself, my body and the baby to the point that I ended up having a home birth! I LOVED playing the beautiful recordings during the birth and it really couldn’t have gone smoother. I felt so connected and supported hearing your beautiful voice during my 9 hours in labor.

Andrea Dunham, MA, Gardenia, CA

 “I am especially aware of the need to create babies that are mentally and physically healthy in order to have a world that is healthy and peaceful.”
~ Dr. David Chamberlain
As human beings, we share a common experience that connects us universally – we are birthed into this creation through a mother’s womb. The journey of pregnancy into motherhood and fatherhood can be divinely guided and nurtured. This gives a growing baby an environment where they can thrive, beyond what we commonly know today about pregnancy and birth. A divine pregnancy implements ancient formulas and technology focusing parents-to-be on conscious conception, pregnancy, and birth.

Relationships and Parenting

Thousands of years ago, knowledge and practices for purifying and maintaining the vibrations of the soul were a common spiritual practice in society among both women and men. These practices were followed and implemented in order to create healthy relationships.

Pregnancy was considered to begin before conception. During pre-conception, couples practiced yogic processes to purify and ready their wombs to heal past traumas and family karmas and for creating a new high divine soul.

Spiritual guidance and support for fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting. The yoga meditations and self- healing practices support a child’s soul purpose from before their conception throughout their physical lives and provides energetic protection from life’s modern illusions.

Fertility and Pregnancy

The topic of fertility is becoming predominate in today’s stress filled society. More and more couples are facing difficult, complicated and very expensive fertility treatments. Trying to become pregnant can create heartbreak, fear, depression, and overall stress on your relationship and your overall well-being.

Fertility methods are available in increasing amounts but don’t always work and are anywhere between $25,000-$100,000 with no guarantee in the end, not to mention the impact it has on the baby-to-be.

What I offer you can be done in-person or long-distance to support you in creating your family. I record a powerful meditation for you to listen to and practice as often as you can. Read what these women have to say…

Personal Development and Meditation

These ancient practices can be used today for general health and personal growth.

~ Find Your Purpose

~ Create Happy Relationships

~ Attract Your Perfect Partner/Soulmate

~ Fertility Support

~ Healthy Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

~ Get Relief from Disease

~ Be Free from Addictions

~ Heal from Sexual Abuse

~ Heal Family Karmas

Support Consciousness From The Beginning & At Any Stage Of Life

“The real benefit coming is to grow the womb as a holy place. On the planet, the womb means the most beautiful temple, the most holy place in your body, the highest energy place in your body, the highest clarity place in your body.”  ~ Sri Kaleshwar
“The primary period for human development occurs from preconception through the first year of postnatal life. This is the time in which vital foundations are established at every level of being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational.” ~ Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., R.N., Wondrous Beginnings

Giving such loving and energetic support from the early imprinting stages helps to protect, heal and support health and peace of body and mind for the child and for the parents. Practicing meditation and self-healing practices automatically creates a more loving and nurturing environment.

When we are able to sustain a loving environment during the early stages of life, children feel more secure, happy and peaceful. With this ancient knowledge, parents can create a new generation of children, who are more loving and peaceful.

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After four months, we had amazing news. We were finally pregnant and are expecting our first son this summer. I honestly believe that  the mantra Nina sent was key in our success. It opened my heart and relaxed my nerves to allow this miracle to take place. I thank Nina with all my heart for sharing her knowledge. I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to create a family.

Jaime McCloskey, Del Mar, CA

I experienced Nina’s work as soothing, deep, and gentle all at the same time. I felt safe and secure in our time as if we were praying together. It was very sweet and healing.

Holly Goldberg, Ph.D. , Santa Barbara, CA

Opening Prayers Audio Recording


The Opening Prayers are Mantras to connect with the Divine and your Inner Guru, and to receive protection.

Enjoy the beautiful chants by Nina Ketscher.


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