Learn to calm and soothe your baby through nurturing touch!

Private & Group Classes!

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class size is limited

Classes are taught in small groups of parents/caregivers and their babies up to one year of age. 

Classes run for 1.5 hours for five weeks so your baby gradually adjusts to your nurturing touch.

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Benefits for baby!


All the systems of the body for healthy growth and development.


Hormones released from touching help your baby relax and possibly sleep better.


Touch can help reduce pain. Tummy strokes can help relieve discomfort from gas, colic and constipation.


The touch and loving interaction promotes bonding. Your baby will grow to trust you and have a secure attachment.


Parents tell us!

~ They feel more comfortable and confident in their parenting skills.

~ They are more aware and responsive to their baby’s cues.

~ They feel closer to their baby and have a stronger bond.

~ Massaging their baby helps them relax and ease their stress.

~ They enjoy getting to know other new parents.

Opening Prayers Audio Recording


The Opening Prayers are Mantras to connect with the Divine and your Inner Guru, and to receive protection.

Enjoy the beautiful chants by Nina Ketscher.


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