For Parents & Parents to Be

Your personal healing creates strong and healthy children.

We all are born into this creation through a mother’s womb. And each of us, women and men, have a womb chakra (energy center or blueprint) linking us to our mother’s womb through an ancestral line, past to future. We now understand the impact our ancestors have on our experience today thanks to the field of epigenetics.

By learning to raise our soul’s vibrations by purifying and strengthening the womb chakra and the 5 elements in us, we gain greater access to, and have the ability to, embody the natural vibrations of creation itself that can help us to heal, balance and transform any challenges, stress, dis-ease, heartbreaks, and violence in our lives; and meet those challenges with greater ease, peace and with love.

It is important, especially for parents, to balance their 5 elements, because it gives them powerful tools to manage the day-to-day ups and downs more peacefully, creating a positive impact on the overall environment and the energy exchange they have, or don’t have, with their children and with others. Nature gives parents a way to nurture themselves and their children through ancient conscious parenting practices. Some of the techniques include intentional walks in the nature, meditation, daily decharging with the 5 elements, gratitude prayers, and a forgiveness process. Nurturing through nature, means that we become conscious of powerful ways we can nurture ourselves and our children.

When parents make a conscious effort to heal transgenerational family karma (action to reaction), heal early childhood trauma and imprints, and create a self-care program, then parents not only feel better about themselves as a person, but they interact more lovingly and peaceful with their children, which in turn models for their children an adult who is conscious, reflective, humble, empowering, loving, peaceful, honoring and supportive.

How Parents Can Work With Nina Ketscher

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The Opening Prayers are Mantras to connect with the Divine and your Inner Guru, and to receive protection.

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