Self-Care, Self-Healing & Healing Techniques for Professionals

Taking care of yourself is taking care of others.

As a healing and birth professional, you come in contact with many people, their stories, and their pain. You hold the space and the energy to help your clients transform and heal their pain and discomfort and create peace and happiness in their life. In doing so, you take on energy that is connected to their pain or disease, that if left alone will build up in your system and often manifests as physical, mental or emotional stress and disease, leading to Burnout and more severe health crisis.

We live in a time right now where we feel the most negativity, the most instability, and the least amount of ease and grace…it seems like everything is difficult. If we can manage our own energy and are able to release energies we take on from people on a daily basis, we can still operate with ease in this challenging world. We can be centered and energetic, and act from purpose. We are able to let go of our client’s problems (and physical symptoms at times), and be a greater vehicle for healing others, and for creating positive change.

Every human being is made of the 5 elements found in nature. Taking on energy from others causes our elements to go out of balance. Dis-ease in body, mind, heart, and soul can be the result. Stress levels become automatically higher and we are “losing our balance.” This is true for clients and practitioners.

It is important, especially for healers and health care professionals, to balance their 5 Elements, because of their intentional interaction and energy exchange with the people they support. Learning how to nurture oneself through nature reconnects you to the source our creation and gives you powerful tools to manage the loads you take on from the people you take care of.

The practices to connect with 5 Elements and Womb Chakra energies give you a reliable and effective connection to your innate healing capabilities and your abilities to remove energies from your system, thus preventing the development “burnout,” or a healers disease.

Learning to raise your soul’s vibrations through purifying and strengthening the Womb Chakra and the 5 elements in you, allows greater access to, and ability to, embody the natural vibrations of creation itself, that can help you to heal, balance, and transform any challenge, stress, dis-ease, heartbreaks, and violence in your life; and meet those challenges with greater ease, peace and with love.

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The Opening Prayers are Mantras to connect with the Divine and your Inner Guru, and to receive protection.

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