Holy Womb, Divine Child™ LIVE

2 day – 8 hour LIVE online webinar

Sat & Sun June 9th & 10th 

9am – 1pm PST


7000 Year Old ~ Conscious Meditation & Healing Practices for Fertility, Conception,

Healthy Pregnancy & Birth, and for Raising an Attuned Child

registration closes Fri June 8th, 2018

In today’s world, many parents feel insecure about how to best take care of their children; how to prepare them for a life that confronts them with enormous challenges. Toxins, nutrition, technology, cultural and societal pressures, and environmental stresses can all impact the bonding and attachment health of our children and their ability to thrive and live a happy and fulfilled life. This impact begins before conception and continues throughout a child’s life.

As parents, holistic practitioners, and birth professionals, we are an integral part of “birthing” the next generations. One very powerful way to consciously create, raise and protect our children so that they remain healthy and happy, connected to who they are and what their greater purpose is in life, is to learn and practice the ancient knowledge of mantra meditation specific to fertility, conscious conception, pregnancy, birth & parenting.

Thousands of years ago maintaining the vibrations of the womb was a common and universal spiritual practice in society among both men and women. When followed and implemented, these practices created healthy relationships, a balance between the masculine and the feminine. Couples practiced these yogic processes to purify and ready their wombs for their relationship, for creating new life, and for maintaining holistic and spiritual health. Ancient knowledge, when applied by parents consciously today, helps to support a child’s overall well-being and health by preparing and strengthening their consciousness through specific meditation practices.

“It was written thousands of years ago in the Vedas that conception is a process of tremendous importance for the incoming being, that it captures and reflects the nature of the consciousness of the parents, as lays that portrait down as a gossamer watermark upon the new being–intangible, yet lifelong, a fundamental organizing principle underlying all else: conception as the one developmental window marked by near-infinite potential and possibility.”

                                                ~ Marcy Axness, author Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers

The Holy Womb, Divine Child™ webinar will teach you how the ancient practices of mantra meditation can help to create an optimal womb environment for conception, pregnancy and birth, and share specific meditations to support and raise a Divine child, who is attuned with and aligned with their purpose. These meditations can help assist with fertility issues, conscious conception, a healthy pregnancy and birth, and support each stage of a child’s development. As a result, children have a stronger willpower, are more loving, happy and helpful human beings, and are more healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Preparing the womb environment as a holy place, with high vibrations, helps to support a child, Divine by birthright, to be more resilient, creative, peaceful, secure and happy inside themselves and in relationship with others.

By implementing these ancient practices today, parents can provide energetic protection from, and harmony with, life’s challenges for the whole family for generations to come.

What You Will Learn in the Webinar

~ how to create an optimal womb environment

~ how to connect with and nurture a bonding relationship prior to conception

~ spiritual practices and meditations for a healthy and smooth pregnancy, labor and delivery

~ healing practices and meditations to support and protect a child’s conscious development


~ 8 hours of webinar training with Q&A

~ Mantra meditations for fertility, conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting throughout all stages of development

~ Downloadable audio recordings of each mantra so you can practice along with the proper pronunciation

~ Written materials with all mantras and explanations how to implement them

~ Case Studies

~ Unlimited access to webinar video and support materials

~ Ability to teach these meditations one-on-one to others


~ 1-hour one-on-one follow-up session with Nina to help you integrate what you’ve learned and support you with the implementation of the knowledge

~ 30-minute follow-up group check-in at 3 months

About Nina

A somatic counselor, educator, spiritual healer and meditation teacher for the past 10 years, Nina blends ancient Eastern and Western knowledge, practice and healing in her personalized sessions, seminars, training’s and retreats. Nina received her MA in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Somatic Psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute thus igniting her journey into PPN prenatal and perinatal psychology. She is a Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE) through the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH), a presenter at the 19th Annual International APPPAH Congress, and a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). She lived 5 years in India studying 2000 to 7000-year-old palm leaf manuscripts revealing wisdom about the womb, how to heal transgenerational imprints at the soul level, and how to prepare the womb for conscious conception, pregnancy, and birth. Nina teaches meditation practices for raising conscious, Divinely connected, and loving children.

I am so grateful for the mantras and recordings you did for my pregnancy and birth! I had so much anxiety about giving birth and being an older mom. The medical professionals really liked to emphasize the risks,  though deep inside I knew I wanted to try for as natural of a process  as I could. Playing the recordings throughout pregnancy helped build my confidence that everything would be ok (no matter what happened). I started to really trust myself, my body and the baby to the point that I ended up having a home birth! I LOVED playing the beautiful recordings during the birth and it really couldn’t have gone smoother. I felt so connected and supported hearing your beautiful voice during my 9 hours in labor.

Andrea Dunham, MA, Gardenia, CA

Nina sent me a long distance fertility healing and a recording of her chanting a mantra specifically for getting pregnant.  The very first time I listened to her chanting that mantra, I was blown away.  My entire body was tingling, and I knew this was very powerful.  I continued to listen to the mantra as often as my schedule allowed.  After four months, we had amazing news.  We were finally pregnant and are expecting our first son this summer.    I honestly believe that  the mantra Nina sent was key in our success. It opened my heart and relaxed my nerves to allow this miracle to take place.  I thank Nina with all my heart for sharing her knowledge.  I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to create a family.

Jaime McCloskey, Del Mar, CA

I had one session with Nina and it was excellent! I noticed a shift in my world almost immediately. Her clear intention and loving focus is immeasurable and boundless. Truly a gifted healer.

Lynda Kelly, DSS, CMT, owner of Energetic Care Wellness LLC



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Opening Prayers Audio Recording


The Opening Prayers are Mantras to connect with the Divine and your Inner Guru, and to receive protection.

Enjoy the beautiful chants by Nina Ketscher.


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